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Lift Assist™ Compatibility with Legacy Themes

What themes are compatible with Lift Assist™?

All Online Store 2.0 themes are compatible with Lift Assist™, because templates in these themes are built on the newer JSON template architecture.
If you have a legacy (Online Store 1.0) Shopify theme, which contains templates built on the older liquid template architecture, then either some or all of your templates will be available to use with Lift Assist™ depending on the complexity of the liquid code powering your templates.
Legacy templates supported by Lift Assist™:
  • Homepages: all legacy homepage templates are supported for use with Lift Assist™. When creating either a custom test or Lift Assist™ test with Shoplift, we will automatically create an upgraded JSON version of your existing liquid homepage that retains all of your content and customizations.
  • Collection pages, product pages, and other pages: Depending on the complexity of your theme, your collection pages, product pages, and other pages may or may not be compatible with Lift Assist™. Using Lift Assist™ requires a JSON template architecture, and Shoplift is the only app that provides a dynamic upgrade function to transition your legacy liquid templates to Online Store 2.0 JSON templates with a few clicks. However, if your desired template has a more complex liquid structure that is not able to easily be dynamically parsed, then Shoplift will not be able to upgrade this template to the JSON architecture and it will not be available for use with Lift Assist™.