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  2. Creating Your First Test

Reviewing and Launching Your Test

Preview your test variant

Once you're happy with the changes that you want to test, you can preview these changes in Shoplift or in your browser in a new tab.

Preview in Shoplift

Shoplift provides full-page previews for both of your test variants so you can see your changes at a glance. To enter preview, hover over either your original or variant and click "preview".
You can also view your variants side-by-side for closer comparison by clicking the 'Compare' toggle. To change your device view between desktop or mobile, click the device toggle.
Please note that the preview window is a visual preview only, and not an interactive version of your website.

Preview in browser

You can also preview your test variant on your live website, which is a great way to double check your changes and make sure that any links, images, and copy is set up correctly. To preview your variant in your browser, click "View in browser". This will open a new tab to your test variant, and you can make sure that all of the functionality related to your variant is working as expected.

Adjusting your test settings

If you want to change your test goal, device exposure, or traffic allocation, you can do so from the Test Draft screen.

Launching your test

If everything looks good, you're now ready to launch your test!
When your test is launched it will be published immediately and your shoppers will begin to see the new template on various pages on your storefront according to your test parameters and your template assignments.
Now that your test is live, we recommend opening a few incognito browsers and navigating to your tested page(s) to ensure that everything is working as expected. If you notice any mistakes, you can always pause your test to make your fixes, and resume it once the fixes are made.

Shoplift limits the total tests that you can run to one test per unique template at a time. This means that if you are running a homepage test, you will be unable to launch another homepage test until your previous test concludes.