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Shoplift Subscription Plans

Shoplift Billing

Billing for all Shoplift plans is conducted directly through Shopify, charges occur on a 30-day billing cycle as part of Shopify's subscription billing period. As you're invoiced every 30 days for your Shopify subscription, you'll see Shoplift App monthly charges included. From Shopify admin billing, you can view which app subscriptions have recurring charges.

To see the full details of each subscription tier, visit our pricing page.

Shoplift Trial

Shoplift offers a 14 day trial to start testing, once the trial commences you have 2 weeks to run as many tests as you'd like. Once the 14 day trial period finishes, you'll be enrolled into the Growth Shoplift plan. If you'd like to cancel the trial, you can do so by uninstalling the Shoplift app.

Upgrading or downgrading your plan

If you need to increase or decrease the amount of traffic usage on your plan, you can do so at any time from the Billing section of the Settings page in Shoplift. When you upgrade or downgrade your plan, your existing subscription will be overwritten by the new plan, and you will see the changes reflected in your next Shopify billing cycle.
When you upgrade plans, any payments towards your previous plan will automatically apply to your new plan and you'll be prorated the difference for the remaining time left in that 30-day billing cycle.

Plan Traffic Limits

When you are nearing the limits of your plan, and have reached 80% of your allotted usage for the current billing cycle, Shoplift will notify you both in-app and via email.
If you surpass the traffic limits on your plan, your active tests will be paused, and you will be unable to create new tests until you upgrade your plan. When you upgrade your plan after surpassing the limits of your previous plan, you can resume any paused tests by navigating to the Test Reporting screen and selecting 'Resume test'.
Cancelling your Shoplift subscription
If you would like to cancel your Shoplift subscription, you can do so from within the Shopify Admin. Navigate to your list of apps under 'Apps', and next to the listing for Shoplift, click 'Delete'.
Before you cancel your Shoplift subscription by uninstalling Shoplift from your Shopify store, review our documentation for uninstalling Shoplift.