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Testing Third-Party Pages Against Your Homepage, Collection Page, or Product Pages

Currently, Shoplift only provides out-of-the-box testing for templates of the same type. For example, you can only test homepage templates against other homepage templates, product page templates against other product page templates, and so on.
While we are working on native functionality to enable merchants to test different types of templates against each other - like testing a landing page against your homepage, for example - there are simple workarounds that can allow you to perform these tests now.

1. Locate the template filename for the page you want to test as a variant

  • From your Shopify Admin, navigate to Online Store, and then Pages.
  • Find the page that you want to test, and write down or make note of the assigned template. This will look like replo.13c8f30f-6231-4299-8d04-08520ad11e3e.liquid.

2. Copy the liquid or JSON code of the template you identified

  • From your Shopify Admin, click Online Store, find your live theme, and click Edit Code to open up the code editor
  • Find the 3rd-party template that you want to test in your /templates directory. For example, if you want to test a page built in Replo against your homepage, select Templates from the left-hand sidebar, and then find the specific Replo template you want to test (the filename you wrote down in step one).
  • Copy all the code in the template to your clipboard.

3. Paste the liquid or JSON code into a new index, product, or collection template

  • From the code editor, click Add new template and select the type of template that you want to test your 3rd-party page against. For example, if you want to test your 3rd-party page against your homepage, select index as the new template to be created.
  • Then select the format of the new template file (liquid or JSON). If the code you copied came from a JSON template file, then choose JSON. If the code you copied came from a liquid template file, then choose liquid.
  • Add a suffix to the filename, like index.replo.liquid. You may want to name the new template something related to what you are testing.
  • Click Done to create your new template. Then paste the code you copied into the code editor, and click Save.

4. Create a new test in Shoplift and select your newly created template as the variant

  • The next time you open up Shoplift, your newly created template will be available to add to your test as a variant by selecting Add from theme.
  • Once you've added your new template as a variant, click View in browser to preview your variant and make sure everything looks good.
  • If the code was copied correctly, you should see your 3rd-party page rendering as a homepage, product, or collection page template that you can now test against any other homepage, product, or collection page template in your theme.
  • If everything looks good, launch your test and let the results roll in!