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Testing Third-Party Pages and Templates

Testing of third-party pages and templates is supported as long as they are available in your live theme. If the page builder uses a suffixed theme.liquid file (like theme.shogun.liquid), then Shoplift will automatically add the tracking script to this file if the script is not detected.
Please note that some pages created by third-party apps require a specific combination of template and URL to render page content (Shogun, Zipify, Pagetify, Zeno, to name a few).
In these cases, while you will be able to select the third-party template as an original and test it against a different template from your theme, you will not be able to test the third-party template as a variant.

Fully supported page builder apps

The below page builder apps are fully supported, which means you can test templates created by these apps as either original or variant experiences:
  •  Replo
  •  PageFly
  •  Gem Pages
  •  Automizely
  •  Ecomposer
  •  Tapita
  •  Veda

Partially supported page builder apps

The below page builder apps are partially supported, which means that the page content depends on a specific combination of template and URL to render. Templates created by these apps can be tested as original experiences (against other templates) but cannot be tested as variant experiences. This is because the underlying test URL(s) corresponds to the original template experience.
  •  Shogun
  •  Zipify
  •  Pagetify
  •  Zeno
Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list. If you are using a third-party page builder and it appears testing is not supported, reach out to help@shoplift.ai.

Using a third-party template as your original

If you'd like to test a third-party template as your original experience, you can select it from the list of templates in your live theme as long as there is a collection, page, or product assigned to it (it is a live experience).

Liquid templates

Please note that there will be certain limitations of what can be tested that depend on the template architecture (liquid or JSON). If your selected template is a liquid template, then duplication (for the purposes of creating a variant) is not supported, because the edits you can make to that template will be limited. For more information on the difference between liquid and JSON templates, see Testing with Shopify templates.
If you want to test smaller changes to a third-party liquid template, we suggest creating a modified version of that template in your page builder of choice, and adding it to your test as a variant by selecting it from your theme.

JSON templates

Testing third-party JSON templates is fully supported without Theme Editor limitations.

Using a third-party template as your variant

This is the most common workflow for merchants that want to test third-party templates, wherein a page created in a page builder app is ready-to-test because edits have already been made from the corresponding app's page editor.
To select a third-party template as your variant, choose "Select from theme" when creating your variant, and select the template you want to use. Then launch your test - Shoplift will redirect shoppers to the variant template as with any other template in your theme.
Please note that templates created with the "partially supported" page builders listed above will not be available to select as a variant experience.