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Using Lift Assist™ Recommendations

Lift Assist™ test recommendations do all the heavy lifting for you, and are designed to save you time and money by eliminating many of the requirements for design and development when adding new functionality and customization options to your theme.
You can implement and test Lift Assist™ recommendations by following a few easy steps.

Import your Brand Styles

To use Lift Assist™ recommendations, you first need to import and review your Brand Styles, but this only takes a few minutes.
When you import your Brand Styles, Shoplift will automatically scan your store for your existing colors, fonts, and more to create a set of design combinations, called Patterns, that will style theme sections deployed by Lift Assist™ recommendations.
For a detailed guide on importing your Brand Styles, see Importing your Brand Styles.

Browse Lift Assist™ recommendations

Lift Assist recommendations can be viewed from the Lift Assist™ page in the app or from within a specific test draft when you are creating a variant to test.
If you are browsing from the Lift Assist™ page, recommendations for all template types will be available to browse and select. There are a host of high-impact homepage, collection page, product page, and landing page recommendations that can be implemented.
If you are browsing Lift Assist recommendations from within a test draft, then recommendations will be pre-filtered to correspond with the template that you've opted to test.

Implement a Lift Assist™ recommendation

Once you've decided on a recommendation that you want to test, click "Test it," and Shoplift will automatically create a variant (by duplicating your original template) and insert the corresponding test asset (theme section) into your variant.
Once the variant is created, edit your new template by clicking the button labeled "Edit in Shopify." In the Theme Editor, you will see that the Lift Assist™ section or block has been automatically added to your template.
Theme sections provided by Lift Assist™ recommendations are highly customizable, but the initial section configuration and order on the page will depend on the recommendation you decided to test.